20 Best Marketing Ideas and Strategies To Try in 2019 (Updated)

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Finding the best new ideas or marketing strategies to implement to increase your business can be difficult. Whether you want to optimize your online presence, promote sales or simply try new marketing methods, you’re in the right place. Below I have prepared a list of the most effective and creative online marketing ideas (and not only) that you implement for your business. Because it’s a pretty long list, we’ve split it into a few categories. You can jump directly to what you’re interested in or go through the whole list.

Ideas of social media marketing and online promotion

Idea: Try promoting on other social networks: Instagram for example

Instagram is relatively different from Facebook, both related to how users use it and what we can promote here.

How we promote on Instagram:

Two aspects are critical to the promotion on Instagram:

  1. Understand the #hashtag game;
  2. Visual;

Unlike Facebook, the discovery of new things on Instagram is done using #hashtags. These are keywords that we add to the description of a published image.

Small tip: Put the hashtags in the comments, not in the description of the picture.

For starters, I would recommend two ideas for your Instagram promotion.

a) Paid promotion.

If you’re familiar with your paid promotion on Facebook, you can easily make your Instagram switch. Why is it worth doing this? Because most people who advertise on Facebook don’t do it on Instagram. Thus, people pay more attention to each post, they are not bombarded with so many promotional messages. The Important thing is to adapt your creative part to Instagram specifics, which is the format of the images to be square and be in the platform style. If you do a little research, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

b) Partnerships.

On Instagram It’s harder to increase the number of followers than on Facebook. And one of the best ways to succeed is partnerships. It’s best to start with people in your field who have a relatively large number of followers.

They can be bloggers or simply more popular people on this platform. You can get in touch with them via a direct message, and you can discuss a partnership in which they can make a post or mention your page in exchange for the product/service you offer. Also, once you start growing up, you can find complementary pages with yours and exchange promotion. For example, if you sell handbags, make partner with someone who comes with other women’s accessories.

The organic part of Instagram, i.e. unpromoted posts, is difficult until you get used to the platform. Start with advertisements and involve the influencers (for direct product promotion and not page) and you will have quick results. Other social networks growing around the Internet and worth getting acquainted with are Snapchat and Pinterest.

Idea: Use the advanced targeting strategies on Facebook

Although the promotion on Facebook is quite popular, most of us use only a little of its possibilities. And I do not mean here, that many give Post Boost from the Timeline and not from ads Manager, thus losing many possibilities to improve your ad. Although, you should stop doing this now and create ads from ads Manager!

Here, in Ads Manager, you have a lot more opportunities to streamline your ads! You can show people ads based on demographics, depending on your interests, depending on which pages they’ve given like. But even more, you can show ads based on different online behaviors like whether they’ve been shopping online or other types of behavior.

Just play with the options, sure you’ll find a lot of possibilities for your business.

Idea: Use Lookalike audiences to find new customers

As I was saying, even if considerable amounts are invested in promoting on Facebook, it does not mean that we do it well or at full potential. A very good example is related to the use of Lookalike audiences. Basically, this feature allows us to find more potential customers, people similar to those who bought from us.

Creating a Lookalike Audience is very simple and you can do it from your ad interface. Go to audiences/audiences and choose Create new audience.

Then you can find potential new customers according to:

A.) A list of emails.

If you have a significant number of addresses (for example, you have an online store) Facebook can identify Facebook profiles related to those email addresses and then find other people with similar interests/habits/features.


B.) Depending on the traffic on the site

If we do not have email addresses, but we have decent traffic on the site, we can find more people similar to those who visited the Product/service page (so they are interested in what we offer).

Idea: Use carousel ads to tell a story

Facebook is starting to become more and more crowded. On the one hand, it increases the number of brands that are promoted here, and in addition, we are also competing with pictures of cats, dogs, small children and how friends of our customers are doing.

A good way to attract customer attention is to use carousel ads in a different way.

It allows us to attach more images or videos to a single advertisement.

From experience we have seen that they work very well for the part of the trade, when you can draw the customer’s attention with several products and thus find themselves at least one. But the carousel is a type of ad that can be useful for any kind of business. What we can do is use the 4-5 slides and create a little story. Each image and headline contain something about us that draws attention and stirs the customer’s interest to click to see more.

Idea: Convert more of the site traffic through retargeting

Very often, we invest large sums of money to attract people to our site. The problem is that we often stop here. Basically, we accept the fact that “if the man didn’t buy it, that’s it…”

However, there are very small chances for someone to buy at first, especially if we have a more expensive product. Statistics show that it takes 6 to 9 interactions with a customer to buy from us. That is why we must remind them of us and eventually offer them additional motivation to buy. Both Facebook and Google offer the option to retarget or remarket.

In other words, just show ads to people who have visited your site. Or, if we want to be even smarter, we can only show ads to people who have visited certain pages times, and more specifically, if they have visited certain pages but others not.

Let’s just say we have a dress shop. Someone goes to the site but doesn’t buy. We can only make a campaign for these site visitors with an advertisement like “Hey, now you can have the dress you saw yesterday with 20% discount. Use the PERSONAL20 code at checkout. Hurry up, the offer expires in 24 hours!” Et Voila! With a minimum amount you will significantly increase the conversion of visitors from the site brought from other sources.

Ideas for viral marketing

Idea: Encourage virality

Virality is the dream of any entrepreneur or marketer. Have customers who bring you other customers without investing more money in marketing? Who wouldn’t want that? But most of us believe that virality is something that happens or not. We don’t think we can influence that. Well, things don’t just sit like that. Virality actually means mathematics. It means that a customer will also bring you another customer and so on.

But we must not be discouraged if our business does not grow fast. What we need to try is to see how we can get a client to bring us another client. We will not succeed with each of them, but if out of 10 customers one of them brings us one more, then all our marketing efforts will result in 10% higher results.

There are a lot of ideas that we can “encourage” virality, i.e. for a customer to recommend:

  • Add social sharing buttons to the site and make them visible;
  • In the emails we send to ask them to pass it on to a friend;
  • Let’s put in the package where we send the product a voucher to give to a friend;

You got the idea. Find ways to encourage people to recommend you further. And remember, the best way for people to recommend you is to have a product/service that exceeds their expectations.

Idea: Bring massive traffic with a giveaway

Contests are popular for a good reason: it works. That is, of course, if you organize it well. A well-organized contest, or in this case more specific would be “giveaway”, will make you more popular among the target audience and provide you with contacts or ways to get back in touch with them.

That’s why my recommendation would be not to just organize a Like & Share contest on Facebook (you can only do that if you want to increase the number of followers per page). My recommendation is that you bring people to the site. Thus, some of the visitors, besides the fact that they will join the contest and appreciate you for the work you are offering, will also visit other pages and will know your site better.

In addition, you can find other ways to get people to share content even more on the website. There are different technical solutions, not complicated, that will help you make people give more share to the contest and invite more friends. An example would be KingSumo for WordPress sites. Once a user joins the contest, he is told that he can increase his chances of winning if he distributes on social networks, if he invites friends, etc.

And so, my dear, you get to have a really viral contest. In addition, people entering the site, we can still communicate with them through retargeting campaigns for example.

Idea: Create a referral program

A very simple tactic is to create a program whereby other people bring customers to you in exchange for a percentage of sales (or what kind of reward you think is best for you). They are very inexpensive or even free to deploy and you only pay for results. Nowadays there are many online tools that allow you to do this without having to invest in technical development. Just search on Google “referral software program”. They are very well developed and allow you to automatically follow who brings you customers and repay them. Also, being external is transparent to the one who would promote you.

Idea: Make it easy for fans to share your content

One of the major advantages of the digital environment is that information can spread extremely quickly. We now no longer depend on newspapers, televisions or other “curators” of content that decide what is interesting and what is not. Unfortunately, many of us just hope that people give away the message about our business without acting on this. We are not optimizing our website so that people are easy to distribute and we do not encourage them to do so.

Some basic actions you need to make would be:

  • Includes distribution buttons in social media on your website and chooses a design to highlight them;
  • Place them at the end of the page/article or where for people the distribution action is natural;
  • Ask people to pass on the message – we can do this on the site or through a private message in the package with the product we are sending;
  • Optimizes how messages are viewed on Social Media – make sure you have minimum 1 image on each page and that it sees well on the social network you’re interested in (ask the web developer to include and optimize Open Graph on the site);

Depending on your business, strategies can vary, but the important thing is to stay with the idea of making people’s job easier to distribute your content. Such an improvement can double or even triple your traffic to the website overnight.

Idea: Make partnerships with those who sell to the same target audience as you.

And I’m not talking about competition here. Contrary. One way to short-circuit attracting new customers is through strategic partnerships with those who have the same target audience as us. Companies with services/products complementary to ours are a potential partner that can benefit both businesses.

I mean exactly a promotional exchange. They send, for example, a newsletter to their subscribers to notify them that we have a special offer for them and will receive something free/discounts, etc. Related to the above example, the complementary service company sells handbags and sends a newsletter announcing that you have discounts on bracelets.

It is important not to buy/sell your contacts list. That would be spam. The email must come from the partner company/brand, the one that the potential customer knows and has a relationship with already.

Idea: Use the internal team to have traction

We mention above, the legitimacy you have, or the trust that the client grants you, are crucial to selling. But in some cases, it takes a minimum of legitimacy just so people can even consider you.

A small hack, an idea easy to implement, is to use your team to provide a minimum traction of marketing initiatives.

For example, when you create ads on Facebook, you tell your other team members to like the ads they see. Thus, when a potential customer sees the advertisement, it will seem more credible than any other because they are already people who approved it by giving it a like. You just earned his attention. This tactic is old since marketing and can be used in any context.

For example, usually when a new location opens, a restaurant, the first days all the friends and acquaintances of the founders and employees will pass through there. We need to see that someone else has done what we want to do, that’s fine.

Content Marketing Ideas

Idea: Answer the questions on forums to build authority

In the United States, and in the West in general, one of the most effective strategies that small businesses implement is to enter the general forums, like Quora, or others of their niches, and to answer the questions of potential customers. By doing so, they show to those who asked, or who Googled the answer to the same question and get to the forum post, that they know what they are talking about and know their industry.

And usually when someone gives us a very good answer, we want to find out more about that person. Thus, the man sees our profile and arrives on the site, where he already has a good perception of us. So can you. Enter the forums in your field and answer people’s questions and solve their problems. That way you’ll build credibility and attract new customers for your business.

Idea: Interviewing industry experts for content that will be distributed (shared content)

The content is one of those, if not the most effective idea of promotion in the medium and long term. By creating quality content you will give value to potential customers and they will have an affinity for your brand. Another faster way in which content can help your marketing efforts is by increasing traffic to the website. And then, if it’s optimized from a marketing standpoint, it will turn visitors into customers or potential customers.

A quick way to hack creating quality content is by interviewing experts in your industry. For example, if you’re in the field of fashion, you can ask designers or bloggers what they see as the following trends, or the most important elements for your personal style. Or, if you’re selling productivity classes, ask entrepreneurs/executives what are their main strategies for good results.

You can always find people who are being watched by the same target audience as you. On the bright side, in addition to the legitimacy they give to the article, there are great chances for them to distribute the article in which their opinion is mentioned. And so you can have some of the most distributed pieces of content in your industry, involving people with notoriety in it.

Idea: Offer “pro tips” and other methods of upgrading content

Having visitors on the site is not enough. We need a way that we can keep in touch with them and get them through the sales process. The best way to get contact information is by providing them with valuable content for a topic that interests them. Let’s do “content upgrade”.

What I’m talking about.

Let’s say someone Googled how to do a certain thing and ended up on an article on our blog. We can, at the end of this article, come up with a message like, “Hey, if you’re interested in this topic, you’re sure going to want to read our report on this issue.”

And that person can download the report in exchange for the email address. We can communicate the same thing using a popup, a slider or using a retargeting campaign. The basic idea is to make a upsell to the content, to offer something more valuable to what was originally interested in him. This way to upgrade content can take various forms:

  • Guides, Whitepapers, ebooks;
  • Extra tips;
  • Report/figures/statistics;
  • A personalized analysis
  • A small script that calculates something, etc.

Think, “What can I offer those interested in my content to be willing to offer me an email address or phone number?” Thus, from visitors we have potential customers.

Idea: reuse content to attract more people to your business

Content is one of the best marketing strategies, whether we sell to other businesses or individuals. It helps us to make ourselves more familiar, to position ourselves as experts in our field and to increase sales. But one of the main challenges facing companies is the constant generation of quality content.

For example, for a more elaborate blog article it takes an investment of time even a few days. What about a more elaborate guide? Therefore, a very effective marketing idea is to reuse existing content. That basically means transforming the content we already have in another format.

If you’ve invested effort in creating interesting content to attract people to your business, it’s a shame not to use it to the fullest. Any business has interesting content, you just have to figure this out. For example, I wrote a review article on the company’s blog about something that happened in our industry? We can also publish the article on a Linkedin or medium-like platform and thus take it in front of many people.

Or we can turn a blog article into a PowerPoint presentation to publish on Slideshare, and so it’s likely to appear quickly among the first results in Google.

Did I gather some interesting stats? Let’s turn them into a infographic and publish them on Facebook and Pinterest. Did we organize an event? Let’s take some of the main ideas and post them as an image on Facebook or Instagram or as an article on the company’s blog. The ideas are numerous, the principle is the same: reuse existing content and attract new people to your business.

Idea: Provides free tools

We all like to get something for free. As much as you say you’re different, psychology contradicts you. If used correctly, this marketing idea can be a constant source of potential customers and will make us more known in our industry. The basic idea is to create a small automatic or semi-automatic tool that solves a small problem related to the industry you are in or the bigger problem your business solves.

For example:

  • Moz – an SEO and content marketing tool – have created a free tool that helps you analyze your website or competition and see what link building options you have.
  • The Wordstream gives you an automated audit of your Adwords account to help you optimize your campaigns.

There are many ways you can create these tools, depending on your business type. You can create a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Drive that people can use to calculate their Cash Flow (if you offer financial advice) or have a structure for a marketing plan (if you’re a marketing agency).

You can create automatic questionnaires, which, depending on the replies of those who complement it, automatically makes recommendations. The basic idea is to create a tool that (1) is as automatic as possible, so that you do not waste time, and which (2) be useful to people in a related problem for the one you solve for money.

This tool can also be an extremely good source of links and traffic to the site. Request an email address or contact information for its use and is a great source for potential customers. Start with a simpler variant and then optimize it along the way.

Idea: Use customer-generated ideas

No matter how hard we try, we’ll never have all the best people in the world in our company. And even if we did, that wouldn’t guarantee us at all that we’d have the best promotional ideas, still in our company. Pro-actively inviting customers or potential customers to find new ways to use our product can be a great marketing tool. First of all, because they’re going to come up with ideas we never even thought of.

For example, a tea company invites users to create new mixes that they then order. They are then anxious to distribute their creations among their friends. You can also use this strategy for content or communication ideas on social media. Ask people to use your product in a new way, reward the most creative ones, and then distribute their creations. You have a content source already approved by potential customers.

Idea: Create short guides

We like guides more than just a blog article because they seem to offer more value and that’s why this content type is often more link-looking and is more distributed in social media. You don’t necessarily have to create a 100-page ebook (as we do) to position you as an expert in your industry or to attract new customers.

But creating a guide can be within reach of anyone and can help you attract more people to your business.

These guides may have different types of content:

  • Benchmarks – Average figures in the industry;
  • Other figures and statistics in general;
  • Good things to know;
  • How to people can solve a certain problem by themselves;

Idea: Answer the simplest and “stupid” questions in your industry

One thing we’ve learned since entering the marketing world is that we suffer from the “Curse of Knowledge”. I mean, once we know one thing, we can’t act like we don’t know it. Often, in communication, we omit things that for us are “simple, basic,” but that our interlocutor does not know.

An easy-to-deploy marketing idea is to answer the simplest questions our potential clients have. With this, we will have an edge of advantage from the competition that did not think to do so. Answers to simple questions can become a very good source of traffic to the site or even create contagious content (something that takes over).

For example, wouldn’t you like to know how to boil eggs perfectly every time? No one thinks much about it, but it’s terrible when the baby asks for a softer egg and you give it to him hard as a rock. Or vice versa.

This type of content, the one that answers very simple questions, is extremely “shared”.

Marketing ideas related to product and psychology

Idea: Don’t forget the customer retention

With all the tools to attract the customers we have at our disposal, we forget the most important category of customers: the already existing ones! It’s 10 times cheaper to keeping an already existing customer than to attract a new one. If a client decided to buy from us, it means he had enough faith to take his hand to his wallet. In future, they will be the most inclined to buy from us.

This marketing idea you should always consider, whether you’re thinking about a new promotional campaign or just sending emails.

A few things we can do for example, it would be like, in the package, to send a coupon that will give people free shipping the next time they buy from us, or offer them a discount voucher and a thank-you ticket. The Important thing is to think about what you can do to show them that you care about them and that you’re thankful for buying from you.

Idea: Check your Price section

There are many things about marketing that we do once and then we forget about them. One of these is the price section. However, experience has shown me that this section of the site is among the most important. Many potential customers stop here from purchasing and leave the site.

For example, the people at ConversionXL have done a study by having discovered that ordering prices from highest to lowest is the most effective for optimizing conversion rate. There are many ways to streamline this section about your product/service, whether we’re talking about a website or not. You can, for example, try to change how the price is displayed, instead of yearly the price will appear per month, or vice versa.

The Important thing is (1) to ask yourself the question: “How can I make this information easier to understand and more attractive?” and (2) test several variants.

Idea: Do interviews with customers to discover painful points

I always say, the biggest opportunities appear where the biggest problems are. The best way to discover these problems is to chat with customers. By talking to them, we will discover problems of our service/product that we need to resolve to ensure that we do not lose our current customers. But we will also discover new opportunities for the future.

Your objective in these “interviews” is to find moments of “Aha!” behavioral patterns that give you new information about your customers. I say interviews, but the way you talk to your customers can take more forms. The ideal, is to chat with them directly, face to face or phone, but you can also:

  • Send small questionnaires by email;
  • Use the NPS (Net promoter score) system;
  • Ask your Facebook group;
  • Make a question and answer session via Facebook live;
  • Discussions in the comments section, etc.

Net promoter score is a very simple and relevant system to see the level of customer satisfaction compared to your product. At the simplest level, you ask them:

  1. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, how inclined are you to recommend to a friend?
  2. why you chose the number above.

So. These two questions will give you the best insight for your business you’ve ever had! It is also recommended to give people rewards, even if they are small, to answer your questions.

Idea: Add social proof on the Product/Service page

If we understand human psychology, we understand how important it is to gain peoples trust if we are to determine him to buy from us. The strongest and fastest way to gain someone’s trust is through recommendations and opinions of other customers.

Therefore, a creative and very effective marketing idea is to make sure you have social proof on the product/service page or, if any, improve it. The deployment mode ranges from adding testimonials written from customers to some video. You can also attach screen-grabs with emails or messages from satisfied customers.

An even more creative approach would be to add images of customers who use your product or an automated feed with Instagram posts with people who use your product. For example, you can create a special #hashtag for users of your product, such as #ilovemybrand (where my brand is your name) and make these posts automatically retrieved on the page. This can be done relatively simple, e.g. on WordPress you can do it through a plugin.

These are some of the most effective (and creative) marketing ideas and strategies to try this year.

Have an awesome day people!


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