What is Google My Business?

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Google, the most widespread and used search engine, has a tool created specifically for local business owners. Google My Business is the most important tool made available by Google for small local businesses. The best news is that this tool is free and is within reach of anyone. So let’s see what Google My Business does and how you can take full advantage of its facilities. Google My Business has two goals: first to help local business owners grow the visibility of their online business and secondly help people find and tell their opinion about the businesses in their area.

Most local businesses, restaurants, medical clinics, beauty parlors, small shops, etc., have a physical location, a postal address where customers come to buy goods or services. So the first step as a potential customer to buy is to find you. On the map. I mean on Google Maps – the most used map for directions.

Google My Business records are for companies that offer customers services mainly in their local area, such as: accountants, builders, hairdressers, practitioners, driver schools, gymnastics, photographers, restaurants, catering, Electricians, real estate agents, garages, plumbers, etc.

Whenever someone uses something related to Google and searches for something that Google determines to be connected to a location or area, such as “practitioners Bucharest” or “restaurant in Cluj”, links to 3 entries from Google My Business will be displayed under a zone on the map.

When you click on a Google My Business company, you can see the following:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the company.
  • Company location on a map.
  • Business Opening time.
  • A link to the company’s website.
  • Photos related to the deal.
  • Business reviews left by previous customers.
  • A rating of 1 to 5 for the business (based on the scores given by previous customers).

Now, you know what Google My business is, let’s examine the reasons why you, as the owner of a local business, don’t just have to be aware of the platform, but to actively use it.

You have access to more people

With regard to connecting business with people when they search for a particular service in their area, nothing compares to Google’s access, which is the default starting point for most people looking for information online.

Better search results for your business

Google My Business records are displayed above standard search results, which means that companies displayed there have a higher presence and benefit from increased exposure. It may also be displayed in both Google My Business and standard search results, which means two listings on the first page instead of one for your business.

Gain customer confidence

For people searching on Google, the verification process and the impartial evaluation/review system used for the Google My business records on them far more credible than business sites, and rightly because Google It makes it almost impossible to cheat – unscrupulous businesses get good results in looking for local results.

For these reasons, but also because the platform is both free and simple, you need to start using Google My Business. The sooner you start, the earlier your business will be visible when people in your area search for relevant keywords for your business and the sooner you start to receive a continuous stream of customers from Google.


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